Caffeine Powered Poetry pt II

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Your project looks good so far! I like the fact that you post the type of drink in the picture. I think it gives the viewers another interesting thing to go with the picture and the poetry. Maybe try adding more hashtags for more likes and viewers. That would allow your posts to pop up in more searches on Instagram. The only other thing that might help (other than posting more) would be to follow more people in hopes that they follow you back or at least look at your page.

I really like this idea and I’m glad you’re enjoying doing it! Something I might suggest would be to spam follow a bunch of people to maybe gain some more followers that way. I actually don’t like doing that, but it seems to be effective.

Something else that I might do differently would be to maybe make the background just as important as the coffee. Ya know? So instead of having the dashboard of a car, maybe you take your coffee on a hike and get a nice nature background. Maybe you take a picture of the coffee in front of an interesting painting. Just some thoughts!

Thank you, making the background just as important as the coffee is a really good idea. I think I’ll try that out. Thanks for your feedback!!!!

As I said in class, I love this idea sooooo muchhh!!! I think personally my favorite posts are the ones that have funky little cups. I always like looking at people’s mugs because I think they say a little bit about their personality and style. And the sunflower one with the blue paint is just *chef’s kiss*. And who doesn’t love a cute Christmas mug in March! I think doing more of those would make your photos more unique and perhaps keep a viewer engaged enough to look at the caption.

I also agree with Tyler when it comes to the background. I think mixing up the artsy vibes with nature, maybe some paintings, a sunset, or even your fish in the background would make each photo a little something special. But overall, I think the bite-sized (or swallow-size? for the coffee? no, okay) poetry that goes with the coffee is something soft and sweet to look at on our social media, especially when the whole world looks like it has gone to shit.

can’t wait to see more (and I hope you keep doing it after this project too because I always am so glad to see it on my feed!! <3)

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