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For my final project, I think I would like to continue on with my social media project. For this project, I chose to do an Instagram of my poetry. In order to push this project forward, I have to decided to post more stories on the account (and then have them put in a ‘Story Highlight,’ so this way they last longer than a usual story, and are accessible after the usual 24 hour period). In addition, I have changed the profile picture on the account, to freshen it up a little bit. I have contemplated about making two actual posts a day (maybe one earlier in the day, one later in the day) but I’m not sure if that would make it better or if it would be too much posting. In addition, I have decided to use more hashtags, and instead of just using hashtags related to coffee or poetry, I have added hashtags that reflect on the poem itself. Examples of this: if it’s a love poem, I would put #love. If it’s a poem about growth, I would put #growth. I think this could help me reach a larger audience, which is the end goal.

I chose to pursue this project because I have really enjoyed doing it. It has made me bolder in posting my poetry. Before this project, I had been too afraid to put my work out into the ‘real world’ (beyond sharing my work in classes). For now, my poetry account is mostly anonymous, as I’ve never put my name on anything. I’m thinking about making a few more changes to the account (maybe no longer be anonymous? but maybe that’s part of the appeal). Also, maybe once the weather turns nicer again, I would like to post with more outdoor backgrounds. Lately, I’ve been setting with pictures out my window or with my plants, but it’s not really the same.

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I am a big fan of your Instagram social media project! I think that the ideas that you have to take it to the next level are great. Especially with the stories and even more/different photos. I think by using Instagram and posting your poetry, you not only get to share it, but you also get to create an online portfolio of your work that is super shareable and accessible, which maybe will lead to a change in the anonymity factor. But, I also understand the appeal of being anonymous and I really think whether you choose to be anonymous or not, either option will totally work for you. This idea is a really cool way to share your work and put yourself out there. I’m excited to see what you come up with!

I really liked your original social media project so I’m excited to see you expand upon it. I definitely think included more hashtags will help you get your engagement up. Posting on stories and saving them as highlights is another good idea. People enjoy watching stories, and they’ll often just flip through all of them (or a bunch of them) at once. Saving them as highlights is also good, because then your work doesn’t just disappear. One thing to look at is maybe making your page a business page. I don’t remember how to do this anymore, but it will allow you to see how many people are seeing your posts. This could allow you to see what works best when you’re making posts, and then you can adjust accordingly. You could also do sponsored posts then, although that does cost money.

As you know, I love this project! I really love the idea of making stories and then saving them to the highlight reel. I believe this is one of the features that makes Instagram stand out among other social media, so I definitely think it is a good idea to utilize that.

I also think that posting two times a day could be beneficial for continuing to have a lot of content. It does take a while for some things to take off, and I’m of the opinion that more people might become engaged if they have a lot of content to scroll through and then they can pick and chose what they want to look at. Although, putting up two posts a day might not be sustainable in the long run, but that’s really up to you and if you think you can put up two poems a day without feeling drained creatively. I mean, it might push you to be more creative and learn more, who knows!

Also, it’s supposed to get warmer next week (yay!) so I definitely think pictures of the outside/nature would be nice, especially since we’re all trying to escape the fact that we’re stuck inside.

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