Mini Project Reflection

The Lit Bean is a podcast with three collaborators: me, Tristan Pfeiffer, and Katie McLaughlin. We each have our different ideas: mine is about short stories; Tristan’s is about poetry; and Katie’s it a ‘lit night’ feel, with other individuals reading either their own poetry or their favorite poems. Mine, specifically, is about reading short stories I’ve written myself. The story I chose for our project is about a group of friends in a haunted mansion, and things start go awry, and certainly do not go as they planned. In the background, I played a spooky song in the background. I chose to do this, because I thought a spooky song would go well with the spooky story.

In this podcast, my aim was to tell a story. I aimed to tell a story that was a little spooky and kept people on their toes and wondering what the twist was going to be. My aim was to be entertaining and create something people would want to listen to. I think it turned out very well. I hope it is something people will find interesting and will want to listen to. I am happy about the way I chose to edit it. I think I chose really good background music throughout the entire podcast. I am also happy that I went with the idea of a short story in general, because it was fun to make. I learned a lot throughout this process, especially that when recording a podcast, you must take a minute to slow down. This was slightly hard for me, as usually I am a ‘go, go, go’ type of person, but it was nice to slow down and take my time to do this. I honestly don’t think I would do anything differently. I love my podcast. I love the idea behind my podcast. I love the story I wrote. I love everything about it.

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