Mini Project

One project I was considering doing was a podcast with short stories I had written. The stories would be no longer than 5-10 minutes and would be a variety of genres (i.e. horror, fantasy, adventure, etc.). The podcast would be called something like The Short Story Break or something like that. There would be relaxing music playing in the background (maybe something such as light piano music) so that it would not distract much from the story being told. I think I would rather have them be more ‘just for fun’ types of stories, as opposed to stories that have deep meanings (though if they did end up having deeper meanings, I think that would be pretty cool, too). I like the idea of just having a simple podcast someone could listen to and get lost in for a few minutes, though if I could write a story that would stick with someone longer than those few minutes, I would love to do that, too.

Another idea I was considering was another podcast. This podcast would be a 10-15-minute review of a book I had currently read. The review would have a rating (such as 1-5 stars) and would also have general comments about the book, such as how the plot, characters, and storylines were. I would also mention whether or not I recommended this book to others or not. Again, I would want to have a softer, less noticeable track in the background, as to not take away from what is being said. Other things I could mention would be the length of the novel, the pacing, and a short summary (spoiler free, of course). At the end of the podcast, something I was thinking about doing was adding maybe a list of tracks I listened to while reading the book (a playlist, of sorts) because I have found myself making playlists with songs that fit the books I am reading, and I think it enhances the reading of the book to make connections with things outside of said book. I’m not sure of what this podcast would be called, as I would want it to be something fun, yet witty.

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