Social Media Project Proposal

  1. Vision/mission: One idea I have that I think would be interesting to pursue is ‘Coffee and a Poem.’ The whole idea behind this would be to post a picture of my daily coffee, along with a daily poem. The reason I would want to do this project is to inspire people to read more poetry (hypothetically, it would be a poem a day, but that might not be reasonable for everyone). The purpose of this is to spread the beauty of poetry, and my own words/ideas. The reason I chose coffee and poetry is because they are two things I am passionate about (as is photography, shown with the photographs of coffee), so not only am I sharing poetry/photographs, I am sharing passions. Plus, the idea that anything can be a passion if you put your mind to it/really make the effort for it to become to be.
  2. Platform: I think the best social media for this would be Instagram. Instagram I think would be the best, because you post images with captions on it. Also, Instagram has the option of being public or private, and if I make the account public it would invite more interaction/feedback on the page. Also, Instagram has a lot of room for creativity (editing photos, length of captions, etc) that I think would be very helpful/influential to my idea.
  3. Execution: I would make the page, then post on it every day with a new picture of coffee and a new poem in the caption. Every day would be something new (maybe a new flavor of coffee, maybe a new genre of poem, etc). One of the most important parts of this idea is remembering to post every single day, so maybe something I could look into would be an automatic posting system so I wouldn’t have to worry so much about it.
  4. Capture/Presentation: I would make the Instagram page open to the public, so people could easily follow it. For class, I would take screenshots, then make a compilation of my posts.

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