The Lit Bean

The Lit Bean is a collaboration with classmates Tristan and Katie. It is a three part series, including original ideas from all three of us. My piece for the collaboration is a short story. In my podcast, I have a little bit of discussion in the intro/outro, but the main focus is the story I’ve written. The purpose of my content is basically to be able to just take a break from the real world and be able to listen to a short story for a little bit. The story itself is about a haunted house (I would post a sample here, but I have it written on a computer that someone else is currently using and I don’t want to kick them off). However, the story is a mystery story about a group of friends who enter a haunted house, and not all of them leave. It is stated in the story that there is a ‘dark presence’ in the house, and that it’s not safe for anyone to be there. The story ends in fire and a sunset, with a smile. The intro is talking about our collaboration, and has a ‘what I’m currently drinking’ segment, before getting into the story. I would appreciate any kind of feedback anyone has. The outro is talking a little bit more about my own idea, and how I hope to put more content into the world for people to enjoy.

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I love this idea! Especially the collaboration aspect. I love listening to like “talk show” type podcasts and it’s always cool to hear people having fun and sharing their work/art/ideas. I really like the haunted house story idea as well, especially for a podcast. I think it really give the whole “ghost stories by the fire” kind of feel. I would throw in some creepy sound effects to really bring your listeners into your story.

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